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Crowns & Bridges

Understanding crowns and bridges

crowns bridgesMost people tend to use the terms crowns and bridges interchangeably, but there are differences in the way that they help with your dental health. Both of them are fixed prosthetic devices, which are different than dentures, which can be removed and inserted at will, If you ever have any questions about your dental health and the options that are available to you, you can contact the professionals at Argyle Dental Connection for more help. Don Lanning, DDS would be happy to assist you through the process and our friendly staff will make sure that you are comfortable with every step that is taken.

A crown is a type of covering that forms a cap over a damaged tooth. The benefits of having a crown include strengthening the tooth that has become damaged, aligning the tooth, as well as improving appearance and shape. Ceramic or porcelain crowns are preferred because they match the color of your natural teeth. There are also other materials that are possible for crowns, including various metal alloys, such as gold. Crowns may be used for a number of reasons, including repairing and restoring a fractured or damage tooth, covering a dental implant or covering the tooth after a root canal treatment has taken place.

Bridges, on the other hand, are used if you are missing one or a number of teeth. If you are missing teeth, the other teeth that are in your mouth eventually begin to shift and rotate in order to fill the empty spaces. This typically results in a painful bite that may cause headaches, but it is also something that can be a cosmetic issue as well. Bridges are manufactured and put into place in order to span the space where the missing teeth exist. In a similar way to crowns, you have an option of a variety of materials for bridges.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crowns and Bridges

Most people wonder how long crowns and bridges are going to last once they are used for dental purposes. In most some cases, they will last for an entire lifetime but there are times in which some repair may be necessary. Another common question is in regards to how bridges and crowns are made. Our in-office, same-day crowns are digitally impressed and manufactured on the CerecTM machine while you sit in the chair. For bridges, an impression is made at the dentist so that a mold can be manufactured through an outside service. If you have any more questions about crowns and bridges or if you would like to discuss your dental health further, be sure to contact Don Lanning, DDS. We help individuals in the Flower Mound and Roanoke areas to have the best dental health possible.



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