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The Dangers Of Sleep Apnea

Dallas sleep apnea sufferers are often unaware of their condition, because it's difficult to detect the snoring and sudden loss of breathing that defines the condition. The condition occurs when a person stops breathing during the night due to relaxation of certain muscles in the throat. This can cause the patient to wake, but the patient is typically unaware of waking up frequently throughout the night. Sleep apnea can be a common condition among overweight people and smokers, but it can occur in all types of people. Most sufferers become very easily tired and have trouble staying awake during the day. They may snore, which can wake up loved ones - in fact, many patients eventually learn of their problem through a sleeping partner. Sleep apnea can lead to serious health issues, including a higher chance of a heart attack or stroke and depression. The patient may be easily agitated and may sleep for long hours, but without attaining the deeper levels of sleep that are essential for maintaining proper energy and stress levels.


Dallas Sleep Apnea Treatment Options


A dental appliance can often be used to correct the major symptoms and consequences of sleep apnea in Dallas sufferers. A common example is a CPAP machine, which uses air pressure to keep a patient's airways open while the patient sleeps. However, many patients cannot tolerate CPAP machines or cannot use them reliably. Another option is using a dental appliance such as a mandibular advancement device or a tongue retraining device. Each of these dental devices is available from Dallas sleep apnea specialists, and either can help prevent snoring and sleep apnea by holding open the airways. In general, this treatment is very affordable, and Dallas dentists can help a patient to consider both of these options and to decide which will effectively treat symptoms given the patient's mouth and throat structure. Look for a specialist in the Dallas area and be ready to present a list of your symptoms to improve your chances of successful treatment. Only treat the condition after a Dallas dentist or physician has properly diagnosed it. This disorder can be serious, but the right Dallas specialist can help you to successfully treat the problem.


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