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Digital Radiography

A look at digital radiography for dental procedures

digital-raidiographyThere are always new procedures acclimated in the field of dentistry, and you should make sure that you choose a dentist that is using those procedures, as it may benefit you in numerous ways. One of the newer types of procedures that can be used is digital radiography. This type of x-ray imaging allows for an advancement in the images that are available. It uses digital radiography instead of x-ray film, through the use of a digital device that is able to capture the images. It helps to reduce the costs that are associated with x-rays, but more importantly, it reduces radiation exposure up to 95%.

In many of the x-ray procedures that are done through dentistry, the sensor or film is going to be placed directly in the mouth. This allows for the x-ray imaging to focus on a small region of the mouth and provides for more clarity. There are also other x-ray imaging techniques which are used outside of the mouth, which take a larger view of your smile. One of the benefits of digital radiography for dental procedures is the fact that the image can be viewed on a computer. It allows for zooming to take place, which can help the dentist to get a better view of your teeth and to see what the problems are which are causing you difficulties.

Additional Options for Dentistry

Digital Radiography is only one of the many options that are offered through Argyle Dental Connection. We want you to be comfortable with the services that are provided, which is why we continue to use the latest techniques and medical advances that are available for your benefit. In addition to using those new techniques, we provide a compassionate service and are well known in the Argyle and Denton areas for taking care of our customers professionally.

As a cosmetic dentistry service, we can help to improve your smile in numerous ways. Through the use of digital radiography, we can see the underlying causes of the problems so that we can provide you with the options that are necessary to correct them properly. It doesn't matter if you need to have a dental implant inserted or if you need a root canal, the proper use of imaging and other new advances in technology can help you to be more comfortable through the process and can provide you with a better end result. If you have any questions about these options and the services that we provide, we would be happy to answer those questions for you.




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