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Sleep Apnea Services Increase in the Fort Worth Area

Fort Worth sleep apnea options are becoming more and more common at local dentist offices as this condition continues to present itself across a broad range of patients. Characterized by interruptions in breathing during rest, sleep apnea can result in excessive snoring, poor rest quality and possibly harm to those who suffer from it if the blockage in the airway becomes too severe. Many dentists in the Fort Worth area are now offering a number of solutions to assist those who are suffering from this disorder. In fact, such services are becoming increasingly popular as those who rest poorly come to recognize that what they have is in fact a form of minor or major apnea. Thankfully, there are now a number of treatments to address rest disruption, many of which can result in patients being able to resume normal slumber function for the majority of nights. These treatments can take a number of forms and are now being offered by more and more dental offices as the need for such treatments increases. A great dental office in Fort Worth should be able to offer sufferers a number of solutions to help deal with their disorder.


Fort Worth Sleep Apnea Choices Increase as the Need Arises


Local dentists now offer a number of choices to those who are suffering from sleep apnea in order to mitigate or eliminate their symptoms. The first option is what is known as a mandibular advancement device (MAD). This device looks a great deal like a mouth guard used in sporting activities and pushes a patientís lower jaw slightly down and forward in order to allow the airway to remain open. Another option offered by dentists is what is known as a tongue restraining device (TRD). This treatment involves the use of a splint that holds a patientís tongue in place in order to allow the patientís airway to remain clear. These techniques will often help a patient to limit symptoms while minimizing discomfort and increasing quality of sleep. The sooner these devices are used, the better the chances of long-term success, and both options are now becoming popular among dentists in and around Fort Worth.


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