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What to Know About Fort Worth Veneer Attachment

A Fort Worth veneer specialist can help restore the appearance of damaged or stained teeth through the use of a special piece of porcelain called a veneer. This porcelain is placed on the tooth, giving it a whiter look and a better shape that is more in line with the rest of the patient's teeth. A veneer can be especially helpful in restoring the appearance of a so-called “dead” tooth or in a person who has taken on stained, browned teeth through years of caffeine or nicotine use. When properly handled, a veneer overlay can take place over a matter of days, instantly improving the looks of the teeth. The process is permanent, and the porcelain will feel, look, and act naturally. It's an immediate, very safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing improvement that any Fort Worth patient can quickly undertake. These reasons may be why porcelain overlays on the teeth are among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures available today, both in the Fort Worth area and across the United States.


Why a Qualified Veneer Specialist in Fort Worth is Essential


Like any type of cosmetic dentistry, attaching a veneer is a delicate dental procedure that should only be performed by an experienced dental specialist. A thin portion of the tooth must be removed before the attachment in order to allow the porcelain to be attached comfortably and in an aesthetically pleasing manner. A special adhesive must be carefully applied, casts need to be made of the tooth or teeth that will receive the enhancement, and a thorough checkup needs to be completed both before and after the process. As one might imagine, all of these steps will go a lot more smoothly with the help of an experienced Fort Worth veneer dentist. Try to find a specialist who has performed the procedure regularly and who has the tools and the contacts necessary to make accurate casts of teeth. A Fort Worth cosmetic dentist is a great place to start, as this type of treatment is relatively common. It's also a very low risk procedure and may be very affordable when using an experienced and qualified dentist from the Fort Worth area.


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