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Perfect Start


At Argyle Dental Connection we strive to find the gems in our industry that are oftentimes overlooked but provide a better form of treatment or therapy for our patients without sacrificing quality or excellence. THE PERFECT START SYSTEMtm is that system, time tested and improved for over 40 years.


A Better Way to Help Your Child


In the late 1960’s Dr. Earl O. Bergersen, an orthodontist from Chicago, developed a unique way of straightening teeth using comfortable oral appliances. Since that time, his breakthrough has proven very effective in creating big beautiful smiles in over 3,000,000 cases around the world, Today’s modern version of those appliances comprise what is known as THE PERFECT START SYSTEMTM.



The Perfect Start System is an all-natural, non-pharmaceutical, and non-surgical, FDA approved, BPA-free, medical grade material that provides a treatment option delivered exclusively by specially trained dentists. Dr. Don Lanning at Argyle Dental Connection has trained with Dr Bergersen and has learned this ground breaking method so that he can offer it to his patients.  Perfect Start does more than provide straight teeth in over 90% of children treated, if treated before the age of 12 it also guides and enhances proper jaw growth and development correcting the major causes of sleep disorder breathing in children.  Sleep Disorder Breathing has been connected with a wide range of symptoms and difficulties in as many as 30 million children currently.  These are:
ADD/ADHD, Lower IQ, Chronic Allergies, Mouth Breathing, Swollen Adenoids and Tonsils, Daytime Drowsiness, Crooked Teeth, Restless Sleep, Bedwetting, Nightmares, Dark Circles Under the Eyes, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Irritability, Frequent Headaches, Arrested Growth, and even Low Grades in Math and Spelling.  Not every child who suffers from these conditions suffers from Sleep Disorder Breathing and some children with only one of these symptoms can be suffering with Sleep Disorder Breathing, but many children do, and it’s certainly worth looking into.


There are 5 main objectives of the Perfect Start treatment:

    1. 1. Promote proper nasal breathing and discourage mouth breathing.
  1. 2. Eliminate certain bad habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrust, reverse swallowing, and snoring,
  2. 3. Widen and develop the upper and lower jaws by strengthening the tongue and myofascial muscles which surround the oral cavity.
  3. 4. Guide and develop the growth of the mouth and jaw more fully, which can open up and improve the size of the airway.
  4. 5. Gently guide permanent teeth into proper alignment and position in the mouth.



As the five main treatment objectives are realized, patients often experience a wide range of improvements in their overall health and wellbeing, including relief from many of the symptoms of Sleep Disorder Breathing listed above.  This product is unique: no other product works as quickly or effectively while naturally treating conditions related to Sleep Disorder Breathing.  It does this by expanding the dental arches and promoting growth in the lower jaw downward and forward, which opens a child’s airway, while simultaneously straightening the teeth and preventing the need for braces.


If you want to hear more about the effects of Sleep Disorder Breathing listen to this video by a mom called finding Connor Deegan.  This is a deeply moving story of a mother’s desperate journey to find answers and real solutions to the troubling health and behavioral issues of her young son.


Perfect Start Video


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