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Preventative Dentistry

A look at preventative dentistry

preventativeWhen most people think about going to the dentist, they consider that they are having some type of difficulty with their teeth and need to have it repaired. Unfortunately, this is the case because most individuals tend to wait until there is a problem with their teeth before they visit the dentist. That is why a visit to the dentist office often means that you are going to have cavities filled, a root canal, teeth pulled or other serious issues taken care of through the practice of modern dentistry. When you are experiencing any problems with your dental health, you can trust the fact that they will be cared for professionally and compassionately by Don Lanning, DDS and his friendly staff. When you use Argyle Dental Connection, you can be certain that you will be happy with your smile. Along with providing procedures for your dental problems, we want to help prevent problems through preventative dentistry.

The basic concept of preventative dentistry shows that it is possible for you to care for your teeth in order to keep them in a healthy condition. If you care for them regularly, including caring for them at home and seeing the dentist for routine visits, we hope to avoid many of the issues that could cause more serious problems. Those issues that are avoided may include enamel wear, gum disease and tooth decay. In many cases, it starts at home with brushing your teeth regularly and flossing. Proper oral hygiene is going to make a difference in your oral health. Visiting a dentist twice a year for proper dental cleanings or more frequently can also help to keep your teeth healthy. and If there are issues, they will be caught early on.


Along with visiting a dentist on a regular basis and brushing your teeth, it is also important for you to consider your overall health. Eating a balanced diet can provide the nutrients that are necessary for healthy, strong teeth. In addition, avoiding any issues which could damage the teeth will help you to maintain proper dental health.

Everyone can benefit from using preventative dentistry. It is best if you start at a young age, however, your teeth are always developing and it is necessary to keep them healthy in order to enjoy a healthy smile for the rest of your life. As you get older, it is still necessary for you to continue to prevent issues with proper oral hygiene, because it can help you to retain your teeth and avoid having to get dentures at an early age.

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