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Understanding crowns and bridges

Although we may care for our teeth and use preventative dentistry on a regular basis, there are still times when issues may occur that would require more extensive treatment. If you have a tooth that is experiencing a significant amount of decay or if an infection has set in, it may be necessary for you to have a root canal. This type of procedure can save the tooth and allows it to be repaired, instead of having it extracted.
Dr. Lanning uses the newest technology, you will be able to have the root canal done in a single sitting. Of course, we want to make sure that everything is done professionally so that you can feel comfortable with your smile and that any pain that you are experiencing is minimized as quickly as possible.
During the root canal procedure, the nerve of the tooth is going to be removed, along with the pulp. Dental pulp is the soft area that is located on the inside of the tooth. This area also contains the blood vessels and nerves that help to nourish the tooth and provide it with feeling. When the pulp becomes infected, we can experience a significant amount of pain. A root canal removes the pulp, and the nerve in the tooth and roots, removing the primary cause for infection.  Once the infection is treated with antibiotics and the root canal is completed the pain will subside.  There is a common misconception that the roots of a tooth are removed when having to have a root canal. This is not true as the roots are vital to the stability of the tooth.
After the nerve and the pulp have been removed, it is going to be necessary for the tooth to be repaired. This is done with the use of a crown, which covers the tooth and makes it look natural again. In some dental practices, it will be necessary for you to visit the dentist again to have the crown placed but at Argyle Dental Connection, we are able to make the crown in the same appointment eliminating multiple visits so that you can get back to your life again.


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