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Teeth Whitening

Our smile is very important to us, and a smile tends to be the first thing that we notice when we see other people – making an initial impression that will last. Studies reveal that people infer many things about others based solely on their smiles. An attractive smile communicates, happiness, healthy living, trustworthiness, and much more. Consider the impact this can have on your relationships in your personal and professional life. That is why you want to make sure that your smile really shows the “you” that you want people to see.  Unfortunately, our teeth are under constant attack from the foods that we eat and the drinks that we drink, causing our teeth to become discolored. This tends to happen over time, and we may not even notice that they are not as white as they used to be. Fortunately, there are teeth whitening services that are available.

In Office Teeth Whitening


No Light = Reduced Pain & Sensitivity.  Boost Whitening™ has been shown to be most effective when combined with the at-home tray bleaching technique. The bleaching technique combines several techniques and is thought to be the most effective teeth whitening technique known today. The Deep Bleaching technique appears to get teeth significantly whiter than simply home bleaching or even other deep bleaching methods. Patients who previously were unable to bleach as white as they would have liked, because of ‘bleaching resistant teeth’, may experience significantly whiter teeth using this technique.


At the first appointment, we will impress for custom whitening trays. Once the trays are completed, patients will start with application of a desensitizing gel worn in the trays. A protective barrier will be applied to protect the gums from any contact with the bleaching material. The bleaching material will then be applied and allowed to work for approximately 20 minutes, removed and reapplied. It isn‘t likely that patients will notice a tremendous color change during their first visit, though the teeth will whitening more gradually over the following days.  Immediately following the initial deep bleaching visit, custom at-home trays will be worn for 14 consecutive nights. After the 14th night of at-home whitening*, the patient will return for a follow up and shade check. A final deep bleaching may be performed in our office and will provide significant additional whitening over what will have already been accomplished. The result will be Wow!




If your final appointment is more than 14 days from your first bleaching/conditioning appointment, continue bleaching at home until your final deep bleaching visit. Whitening of the teeth with at-home trays is accomplished by wearing bleaching trays with whitening gel in them. The trays will be made of thin clear flexible vinyl. Most patients find these trays very comfortable to wear and are worn for approximately 30 minutes each day. The trays are custom made to fit your teeth and have a reservoir on the outer side of the tooth to hold the whitening gel.


You will be given a bleaching kit. This kit will include syringes of bleaching gel and a storage case for the bleaching trays. When you are finished with the entire deep bleaching process, place any remaining bleaching gel syringes in the refrigerator to extend the shelf-life. Touch up bleaching may be done as the patient sees fit to maintain their beautiful, bright smile throughout the year. Touch up frequency depends on home brushing and flossing care and individual diet. Patients who drink coffee, tea, soft drinks, and red wine may experience more noticeable staining and may desire to touch up more frequently. Touch up kits may be purchased anytime in our office.



At Home Teeth Whitening



Whitening for Life™: WFL is our newest whitening option and our patients are loving it! Patients can enroll in our WFL program and receive custom trays and whitening material when they keep their 6-month cleaning and exam appointments – on-time – will receive more whitening material for as long as they are our patients. The WFL program is just $99! If you’re interested in brightening your smile, ask our staff about Whitening for Life™.


Instructions: It is important to brush immediately before bleaching because protein from your saliva will coat your teeth within minutes after brushing and could inhibit the bleaching agent from whitening your teeth as quickly. We recommend the Closys System™. If you normally tend to have teeth that are sensitive to tooth brushing, cold or sweets, the Closys System™ will also help reduce that sensitivity.  In fact, we recommend use of the Closys System™ continually starting about 2 weeks before you begin bleaching. This will help de-sensitize your teeth before bleaching.


To use your trays and bleaching material: Squeeze a tiny dab of bleaching gel into side of the outer walls of the trays (except in the very last molars). We will demonstrate this for you during your next visit. The gel is thick and the trays are flexible, so the gel will cause the outer rim of the tray to be pushed away from the gum line. After you put the tray in, you’ll need to firmly push the tray back against the teeth to establish the seal of the tray at the gum. This is important. We will demonstrate this also.


If you put too much gel in the tray, you’ll notice a significant amount of gel oozing out from under the edge of the tray. Take a cotton swab and remove the excess. If you’ve put too little gel, you will see through the clear tray some large open voids (little bubbles are ok) where the tray is not entirely filled with gel. If you see this, it isn’t necessary to remove the tray. There should be plenty of gel in the reservoirs to start your bleaching, but next time use a little more gel.



Wear the trays for 30 minutes, remove and brush your teeth again. Use your toothbrush to clean your trays and let trays dry completely before storing them in your tray container.


Home Whitening: Patients who desire to whiten at home with pre-filled whitening trays may be interested in trying our Opalescence Tres White Bleaching System. Ask our staff about this option.  Trays may be purchased in a 10 application kit that comes with 10 pre-filled disposable trays.


About Teeth Whitening: Everyone’s teeth have a natural biologic limit of how white they can get. Typically, once you reached that limit, additional bleaching doesn’t whiten your teeth more. However, our deep bleaching system may extend this previous limit and allow significantly more whitening.

You may have heard that certain types of over-the-counter bleaching gels have acid in them, which may damage fillings, crowns, bonding, and even the roots of teeth. The whitening gel used in our office has no acid and will not damage teeth or restorations. In addition to whitening, oxygen also deep-cleans the teeth, removing microscopic debris from between the crystals of tooth structure. After bleaching, these pores are clean and open. These open pores have significant importance, which we’ll talk about later.


Because the pores of your teeth will be opened during the bleaching process, it is important not to drink coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc or wear red lipsticks while bleaching and following bleaching for a two week period.


For naturally whiter teeth and the healthiest gums, brush and floss twice a day. We recommend a mechanical tooth brush such as the Phillips Sonicare FlexCare+™ or the Braun Oral B Professional Precision 5000™.  Together with the Closys oral rinse and toothpaste, you can make the most of your brushing experience. Ask Dr Lanning or your hygienist about this products at your next visit.


Sonicare FlexCare+ Oral B Precision 5000™  Closys System™

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