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TMJ Disorders and Headaches

TMJDo you suffer from headaches regularly? One of the issues which could be leading to the headaches that you are experiencing is Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders (TMJ). These are issues that are associated with the joints and muscles that are used when you are chewing. Those muscles connect the skull with a lower jaw and are exercised when we eat and talk. Unfortunately, there may be a wide variety of disorders that are caused as a result of TMJ problems which could be leading to symptoms, including headaches, facial pain, and/or teeth discomfort. Regardless of the symptoms that you are experiencing, you can trust Don Lanning, DDS and the professionals at Argyle Dental Connection will be able to take care of your problem and discuss the issue with you, so that you can see how dentistry can help.


TMJ may be cause for any number of different issues. In some cases, the problem with the joint occurs because you wore orthodontic braces or because you were born with a bad bite. This bad bite may also develop as your mouth continues to grow when you get older. Another issue that can be associated with TMJ is tooth grinding and clenching. This is often a problem that goes along with stress but not everybody that has stress is going to grind their teeth. In addition, you may grind your teeth at night which could lead to headaches and other symptoms that are associated with TMJ disorders.

Advanced technology for TMJ headache treatments


When you use Argyle Dental Connection to treat your TMJ headaches, you can be certain that they will use proven techniques that have stood the test of time. These techniques can help to align your jaw and to improve your bite, taking the pressure off of the joint and reducing the

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