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Tooth Colored Fillings

What is a tooth colored filling?

tooth colored fillingsAt some point or another in our lives, it is likely that we are going to need to have a tooth filled. The filling is not only put in place in order to fill the hole that was left by a cavity, it helps to prevent further tooth decay which could be damaging to your tooth as well as your health. If you have had fillings done in the past, it is possible that the dentist used silver amalgam material to fill the tooth. We want you to know that when you use Argyle Dental Connection for your dental health, we have your best interest at heart. We have a number of options available for tooth colored fillings that will provide you with numerous benefits, depending upon your specific needs.

Many people are confused over the subject of tooth colored fillings. The fact the matter is, any type of filling that is put into a tooth after a cavity has been repaired by a cosmetic dentist is going to be considered a tooth colored fillings. There are number of different types of materials that are used for this purpose, the most common being silver amalgam. However, studies over 20 years ago revealed both the negative lasting effects of silver amalgam as well as a better alternative commonly known as tooth-colored fillings. As a metal based compound, silver amalgam expands when in contact with heat and contracts in the presence of cold food and liquid. Therefore, silver amalgam creates a gap between the tooth and filling—causing bacteria and food particles to leak into the tooth, which leads to decay. Tooth-colored fillings, on the other hand, bond to the tooth negating any leakage and elongating the lifespan of the filling and tooth. Furthermore, the tooth-colored filling has cosmetic appeal that silver amalgams do not. Don Lanning, DDS strives towards excellence in his dental practice and has therefore decided to only use tooth-colored fillings due to their proven superiority in comparison to silver amalgam fillings.

A look at tooth colored filling techniques

Most people don't realize the fact that there are two different methods for filling cavities. At Argyle Dental Connection, we want you to be comfortable with the work that is done. Here's a look at the basic types of tooth colored fillings which are applied.

The use of dental fillings allows the dentist to apply a filling material that is softer and is able to harden quickly through the use of an ultraviolet light. These types of fillings can be done in a single procedure. Indirect methods, on the other hand, occur when the dentist takes an impression of the tooth and a temporary filling is applied. During the second procedure, the tooth is restored and bonded. You can discuss these different alternatives with Argyle Dental Connection and ask any other questions you may have about your dental health.

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