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Many people that need to have dental work are afraid to do so, not because they are necessarily afraid of having work done on their mouth but because of a fear of needles. The fact is, dental injections may sometimes be necessary to help you to be more comfortable and relax, during the time that you are having the work done. At Argyle Dental Connection, we want to make sure that you are comfortable with the process even if you suffer from this type of phobia. Dr. Lanning, is well-known in the Denton & Flower Mound areas for providing pain-free dentistry to customers who need dental care as well as providing preventative dentistry to avoid any major problems.


To minimize the pain caused by tooth numbing, Don Lanning, DDS uses the new technology provided by The Wand TM. Much of the discomfort caused by needles is due to forcing too much anesthetic into a small area too quickly. The Wand TM releases the anesthetic in small, equal amounts over a longer period of time to diminish discomfort. Dr. Lanning always begins numbing with a topical to numb the outer tissue and then uses a short-acting, non-stinging numbing agent to numb just below the surface. Finally, he uses a longer acting anesthetic to numb the entire area. Dr. Lanning places patient comfort as a primary concern. Dentistry does not and should not have to be painful and Argyle Dental Connection does everything we can to make that a reality for all of our patients. We welcome any questions or concerns that you have in order to ensure that you are comfortable with the process of your dental care.


If you hate that prolonged feeling, WE HAVE GREAT NEWS, there are now reversal agents that make the prolonged numb feeling go away in as little as 30 minutes, AND most of the time Dr. Lanning does “SINGLE TOOTH NUMBINGthat does not cause a fat lip feeling at all.




A wide variety of dental procedures may call for the use of anesthetics in order to numb the area. This can be anything from filling cavities to doing root canals. In some cases, you may opt to avoid the injection and simply have the work done on your teeth. This is something that is often done in the case of cavities, and although there may be some discomfort involved, many people find that it is more appealing than getting an injection. For more extensive procedures, such as root canals, an injection is going to be a necessity.


If you have any questions about your dental health or if you would like to discuss the procedures that are necessary for a happy, healthy smile, you can contact our friendly professionals at Argyle Dental Connection. Our staff is here to assist you, not only in improving your smile and correcting any issues which are affecting your dental health but also in making you comfortable throughout the entire process. We are well known throughout the area for providing that compassionate service and we are ready to provide it for you and your dental needs as well.


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