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A look at Dental Veneers

Are you satisfied with your smile? We want to make sure that we leave a good first impression and when we smile, we want to do so with confidence and not having to worry about the color of our teeth or if they may be crooked or overlapping. Although there are a number of different procedures which can be done with cosmetic dentistry to correct a smile and to make it look better, one that is often considered is a veneer. A veneer is a very thin piece of porcelain similar in thickness to a fingernail that is bonded to the front of the natural tooth to improve overall appearance.

Having veneers placed is something that can be done for those in the Denton, Roanoke, and Argyle areas by Dr. Don Lanning at the Argyle Dental Connection dental office. We want to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process, as well as being overly happy with your smile. Like many dental procedures, it is going to be necessary for you to have multiple visits if you chose to have veneers placed. Veneers can be like getting the results of braces overnight. It will allow your teeth to take on a natural appearance while giving you an attractive smile that you can be proud of.


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